May 5th, 2006

Saturday, May 6

Panel 1: "Hey, how's my evil Martian creature of a sister, who is sooooooo much more hard to handle than I was at your age? BTW, how's Anthony? Has he asked about me? Is he seeing someone else? Have you seen him with a map of Northern Canada lately?"

Panel 2: Jeez, is that a hand or a lobster claw? And what is the deal with Liz being so secretive about Paul? I HOPE it's a good sign, like she wants their relationship to flourish without interference, but we've also seen her being coy with him while saving the Tom Cruise antics for when she's alone, so I dunno. And I can understand her not wanting Elly to poke her potato nose in, but it's not clear how often Elly has been asking, and if she's only been asking through April, or on her own, or both. Anyway, the best way to get someone to stop asking a question is to ANSWER it.

Panel 3: Incredible! We just YESTERDAY asked what happened to Liz's glasses, and there they are! Do we have a mind-meld with the Lynnions (perish the thought)?

Panel 4:'s over. And she looks horrible in that shot. And where did the ponytail go? Did her hair suddenly become flaccid, the same way Paul will when he finds out that he reordered his life for nothing?!

(And come to think of it, she doesn't seem to have the ponytail in the first panel either. Or if she does, it's much lower than it is in panels 2 and 3.)