May 2nd, 2006

Wednesday, May 3

Panel 1: I'm no longer convinced that this level of pushiness is appropriate even to a village. Liz. Is. His. Teacher. Not just a neighbor. Should he even be visiting this much, let alone asking for cookies the minute he walks in? No wonder people think he doesn't have parents.

Panel 2: But hey, if it gets this question out in the open. And of COURSE she gives him cookies, because she has no spine.

Panel 3: Oh, ugh. He's dreaming about her? This is so not cute.

Panel 4: Well, I can predict Jesse's future: Freddie the Freeloader. He doesn't need Liz that much; he'll always be able to find someone to push himself on and bum cigarettes/pizza/weedrides off of. He'll just be that guy: no ambition, no prospects, getting by on charm and other people's fear of confrontation.

And And why does Liz look like that? Does she think Jesse foretold her death?