April 30th, 2006

Monday, May 1

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Hands above the keyboard again. And here we go. "Therese moved out on Anthony! I wonder why she would do that? He must be pretty lonely. " With the visual being Liz gazing off into the distance.

Meanwhile, why is April all dolled up? (Although it is reassuring to see she has boobs.) Is she going somewhere right after she sends this? And she seems to think the new 'Asse is cool, so not only does she have no taste in hairstyles, she also has no taste in cars.

Panel 2: Well, that's a relief! They're going to do the sensible thing and change the name! April is a real Patterson now: she takes a month to make a simple decision. Next stop: Taupe or suntan pantyhose? And where did her boobs go?

Panel 3: A photography course, hum? Isn't it "amazing" how "retirement" leaves Elly with all this cash to throw around. And that effect of having Apes' eyebrow meet the bridge of her nose makes it look, at first glance, like she's wearing a pound of eyeshadow.

Panel 4: Robin was sick? Well, we don't have to guess who bore that burden. And what a weird hand Liz has. And wow, am I prescient.

Panel 5: Oh no.

Oh hell to the naw.

Don't EVEN tell me that Liz is affected by this announcement. Right down to echoing Anthony's "wait!". And so frantic, her tea splatters.

:::Cookie stomps around, kicking furniture::: I thought that chapter was CLOSED! Finished! Finito! Oh please, PLEASE let there be a glimmer of a chance that she's only agitated because she's afraid Granthony will start pursuing her again and she does not want that!