April 28th, 2006

Saturday, April 29

Panel 1: This is what mystifies me. How well does John know Anthony, that his divorce should be a major concern? If you go by the strip, they're barely acquaintances, in which case John shouldn't be affected by this announcement hardly at all. If you go by the retcons, they've worked together on occasion (John helping Anthony cook the books), in which case you'd think he'd have known a lot more about that farce of a marriage, and it wouldn't be such a shock to him. In any event, I'd love to know how he'd feel if he knew about Anthony's obsession with Liz. Which presumably, he does not.

Panel 2: In other words, he's everything you want in a son-in-law. Stage is set for helping him woo Liz. Much as I hate to contemplate that.

Panel 3: Now, that's a VERY different view of A&T! Seems that everyone else who's weighed in on the matter thought they were as dysfunctional as they come. Did Anthony put a different face on things for John's benefit? Or is John just being oblivious as usual?

Panel 4: Oh, gee, I wonder where this is going.

Panel 5: Of course.

Now let's just hope my projected scenario doesn't play out. (John to Elly to April to Liz and back to Anthony.) I will say my prayers for Constable Morsel's continued good health.