April 27th, 2006

Friday, April 28

Panel 1: Well, I'll be. The whole Anthony thing was a detour; now it's back to the car.

That said, John is using some odd phraseology. I thought, when he started out with "She's sweet", that it would be another exchange that would work just as well if Gordon were a pimp, and John were a...well, a john. But "goes like a bat" is a totally different kind of euphemism. What is it with Lynn and defanging PG phrases, like changing LMAO to GMBO (Giggling My Butt Off, which no one would ever say) instead of using a phrase that doesn't have to be censored? And "sounds like music"? I've never heard anyone say that about a car engine. Seems to me that if your engine changes tone a lot, that's not a good thing.

Panel 2: John looks like John Kerry. Gordon looks like he's asking him to dance.

Panel 3: And we get an abrupt, drastic change of perspective. John looks like he's the one who's suddenly single. Of course, since he cares more for his cars than for Elly (not that anyone can blame him), I daresay giving up the Bushwacker is the end of a relationship.

Panel 4: Yep.

Panel 5: I was going to say that that's creepy, but then I remembered the time Cookie Monster rear-ended someone else with my car, and the resultant dented hood and drooping fender made it look like it was crying. So I'll just leave it that the perspective is odd once again. I had to look twice before I realized the shapes behind John were other cars, not the seats of the Bushwacker. And why is the hood angled up towards him? He doesn't appear to be leaning over it. Is the shot from the car's perspective? Now that WOULD be creepy.


All in all, I have to say I'm cautiously relieved. If this is the last we hear of Anthony; if it turns out that this was just LJ giving him closure instead of setting him up to hook up with Liz, then I compliment her and the Lynnions for tying up a storyline.

I just hope that IS all it is.