April 26th, 2006

Thursday, April 27

Panel 1: Well, that's a healthy attitude, but he sure switched gears fast. He also has girl-butt. And I do hope rebuilding his life is not going to involve You Know Whom.

Panel 2: Okay, so that presumably answers the question of what happened to Mr. Mom working from home.

Panel 3: Oh, if only I could be sure he means that. Why is John touching him in that way, though? It's so awkward: neither manly nor comforting. Almost like he's checking the texture on Anthony's shirt.

Panel 4: And now John looks so wistful, as if he wishes he'd had the courage, years ago, to take April and leave Elly.

Panel 5: Uh...Okay.

Still, no mention of Liz. Hope it stays that way.