April 24th, 2006

Tuesday, April 25

Panel 1: Oh, MAN. So now it's all on Therese, and Anthony doesn't ever have to do any soul-searching and ask himself if he was as good a husband as he could be. I mean, he was so devoted and all, why would Therese seek companionship elsewhere?

Panel 2: You know, I wonder how easy it would be for Mike to do that: set up new digs with someone else without Deanna catching on.

Panel 3: Yeah, I wonder why.

Panel 4: Well, to be fair, this is an old theme for LJ. The person being cheated on believes because they want to believe. They can't deal with the truth because it would upset their worldview. But again, I wonder how Anthony feels about his misplaced loyalty to Liz, the only person worth fighting for.

And I just bet John's going to give him some malarkey about how this makes Anthony a better person because he gave Therese the benefit of the doubt...

Panel 5: Close enough.

And also crap. I'm an honest person, and so is Cookie Monster. That does NOT mean that we take everything other people say at face value. Hell, we expect people to be dishonest, because so many people are. No, we don't go around accusing people of stuff, but we keep our eyes peeled and our brains active. Saved us from disaster a time or two, in fact.

Anyway, so this is perfect. It's All Therese's Fault. So when is Granthony going to ask about Liz?