April 21st, 2006

Saturday, April 22

Panel 1: Ah, the old squiggle-on-the-table-to-indicate-light-reflecting-except-it-looks-like-spilled-coffee effect. And of COURSE it's a full restaurant with great atmosphere. Did you think The Great Gordo would have anything less than five-star dining? And as someone pointed out earlier, why does John have time for a kaffeeklatsch when he's supposedly taking the Dorkmobile on a test drive?

Panel 2: Anthony puts his coffee down with such a manly gesture. Is this supposed to remind us of how he vanquished Howard by twisting his ear? And what exactly is he talking about? "They" developed the land, as in, someone other than Gordon? What, a housing complex? That would account for some increase in gas, coffee and convenience-store sales, I suppose. But an increase of over 100% kind of implies that sales were abysmal beforehand.

Panel 3: Plans for what, for crissakes? Sounds like he already controls half of Milborough. First service station on the moon, perhaps?

Panel 4: Ack! John suddenly looks like a pork roast! And I just bet this is the lead-in to another coffee joke.

Panel 5: Eh, close enough. Wonder how Anthony drinks coffee with that deformed hand, though. But at least he hasn't asked about Liz. Yet.