April 16th, 2006

Monday, April 17

Panel 1: So Gordo's finally acknowledging it! ETA: Well, I swear I don't remember Gordon ever thanking John in so many words. As I recall, they've danced around the subject many times, talking about how he started as a mechanic in someone else's garage and now he's top dog, but never adding, "And it wouldn't have happened without you." But perhaps I don't recall correctly. Meanwhile, note the banners: a pun, and a pitch for the Crevasse.

Panel 2: True, but it seems to have stunted you physically.

Panel 3: ...and you'll be lucky if you make it past 50. Although you do seem to be able to lower venetian blinds with the power of your mind.

Panel 4: Interesting choice of words, considering that in that pose, Gordon does look a bit like a minister. He gets points for not inverting a cliche, though.


You know, funny thing is, John actually seems more proud of Gordon than he is of Mike. In fact, have we ever heard him remark upon Mike's supertotallyfantasticawesome success as the Greatest! Writer! And Editor! Evah!? Sure, he gets all hard when Mike carries a suitcase or rakes leaves, but that seems to be as far as it goes. Perhaps, to John, a business that's built around cars is a manly profession, while writing is for poofs. I mean, cars are almost like trains, so maybe to earn real respect from John, Mike will have to have Portrait do a cover story about trains, model or otherwise.