April 13th, 2006

Friday, April 14

Panel 1: Jeez, Elly and John are getting more and more identical all the time! Same posture, same giant hooves, dressed alike, similar expression! And once again, an awkward phrasing. I would think the slides would be secondary to the events they chronicle, which is what he's really forgotten about.

Panel 2: Which canoe trip? The one where John and Phil (Elly's brother, who we might see here at some point) capsized and were stranded? And do they really have to clarify that Farley was a DOG? No one is EVER going to forget him (heh).

Panel 3: OMG! John's being pulled into the Doomsday Machine, from TOS! Or that thing from the first episode of Space: 1999!

Panel 4: And how is John talking without a mouth?

Panel 5: Sigh. Well, I wouldn't expect Elly's regrets to go deeper than that. But I just bet, when those photos were taken, 23 y/o Elly thought she was fat then.

I don't know if anyone remembers a daily strip from the early '90s, in which Elly sat on the beach, huddled up in a long t-shirt, while skinny women in bikinis strolled past. Then a very large woman passed by, after which Elly shed the shirt and strode down to the water. My take on that: "And I bet both of the bikini women are thinking, 'Uch, I am so fat; I shouldn't even be wearing this.'"