April 12th, 2006

Thursday, April 13

Panel 1: Okay, she got dressed. I guess she didn't go down to the basement immediately after her Statue of Liberty pose, as I originally thought. That said, this looks more like a garage than a basement. And suprisingly, Elly's butt doesn't have its own area code.

Panel 2: A suitcase full of coat hangers? Well, I admit that is somewhat amusing. Stuff gets sorted that way: you just keep putting hangers in the suitcase because there are already hangers in there. And you save the jars, plastic containers and so forth because You Never Know when you'll need them. (I once heard of someone who had odds and ends of stuff all stored in baby food jars. One jar was thoughtfully marked "Empty".)

Panel 3: Aaaaaaand here we go.

Panel 4: Okay, this is no joke. That is John's face if I ever saw it.

Panel 5: But did she actually set up the projector, or is she just holding the slides up to the light? Either way, I just bet we're about to head down memory lane. And Elly has young-person butt again. How does that work? When LJ feels bad about herself, she draws Elly to look like ass? So she must have been feeling pretty good, to let the Lynnions flatter Elly so.

However, I bet that's the only time Elly's ever smiled over her shoulder as John approaches her from behind.