April 11th, 2006

Wednesday, April 12

Panel 1: Unnecessary exposition. "Hum". Patterson bun and boob-flattening blouse.

Panel 2: Elly looks fiendishly delighted at the prospect. Pumpkinhead April looks as if she's gearing up to run to her room and hide whatever kind of contraband she has lying around. Or destroy whatever she has already hidden.

Panel 3: Is this a deliberate homage to Citizen Kane? (The shot of Kane on the podium, during his campaign for governor.) Good profile on April.

Panel 4: Good thinking, John. Meanwhile, April's left breast is prominent enough to be seen forward of her arm.

Anyway, so this is Elly's great ambition: clean the house. Well, I have to temper my snark just a bit. My mom has been retired for ten years, and her ambition is to never clean again. And she hasn't. TEHO.