April 10th, 2006

Tuesday, April 11

Panel 1: More stating the obvious.

Panel 2: Is that the Crevasse? Then why's John driving? Did Elly have too much wine? Or does he have his own 'Asse now?

Anyway, why "not really"? I thought she hated owning the store so much she'd have lost her mind otherwise. Is she now realizing how much larger a burden she's taken on, trying to be Super!Grandma! and Super!Homemaker and Super!Nevergiveyourteenagedaughteraninchofbreathingroom?

Panel 3: Ah. Well, is it a new life as a man? Because that's how she looks.

Panel 4: So many of which I bet she never does. And I can't wait to find out...

Panel 5: Ah. Well, I guess that's more of a generic joke, rather than one on Elly. Cleaning out basements is rather daunting, especially if the whole time you've owned the house, you've just piled more and more crap down there. OTOH, at least part of the basement is furnished, so it can't be that bad.


I remember, two years ago or whenever it was, when Elly kept wimping out over firing Kortney. Many people on various sites were coming to her defense, saying, "It's not easy to fire someone...It's not easy being a small business owner." At the time I was somewhat cowed and didn't challenge that, but now I see it a bit differently. A lot of things in life are difficult. How about RISING to the challenge, OVERCOMING the don't-make-waves indoctrination some people said was crippling Elly, and adapting to the situation? Not EVERY woman from Elly's generation is totally spineless. She wanted to own the bookstore; she should have accepted that not everything about it would be easy.

That's really what irks me about Pattersons. They want glory and praise, but they are such prima donnas about the slightest challenge or setback. Liz has a breakdown doing a lesson plan in the privacy of her apartment. Mike has a temper tantrum when a story proposition of his is turned down. Elly prefers to let the person who threatened her daughter keep working in her store. And yet they're all supposed to be top-notch at what they do. Imagine what MORE they could do if they were willing to sacrifice. (Sacrifice stuff THEY want, I mean. Deanna works her ass off, yet we don't hear about what an awesome mom she is.)