April 9th, 2006

Monday, April 10

Panel 1: Must be Moira. But what the heck? I thought they finalized the sale long-distance from Mexico. Is there going to be a grand re-opening under new management?

Panel 2: You don't think you could have chosen anyone else? Who else would even have been a candidate? As has been discussed before, Moira paid a lot more dues than Elly. Anyway, I see we get to meet Mr. Moira.

Panel 3: I have no doubt it will. In fact, I daresay it can only improve, with the official owner being the person who actually shows up and does stuff.

Panel 4: OMG, what's happening here? I'm still in a Sopranos mode; is Elly going to give Moira the kiss of death?

Panel 5: Not even a pun. In fact, there's really not much to snark on. Ah well; it's nice to have a respite.