April 7th, 2006

Saturday, April 8

"An'"s: Two.

Panel 1: Oh lord. See, I was thinking that the people in charge of the program had shown her brochures of the kind of place she'd eventually be living in if all went well. I mean, it's all plausible: the color of the walls and curtains, the desk for the computer, the sofa, and so forth. Shannon's not experienced enough to care about stuff like where the laundry room is or how well the plumbing works; she just thinks it would be paradise if it's pretty and clean. But it's totally imaginary? I can understand April's tone of incredulity.

Panel 2: Ah, so she understands the concepts of cleaning and rent. Perhaps she is more worldly than April. (Or perhaps the characterization is off.) It's funny, though: first she's pouting because she allegedly has no friends; now she wants to get away from everyone. Is this a lead-in to her talking about how many people are so mean to her? Or maybe to how smothering her family is? (Which would make April feel somewhat better about having been babysat by Connie.)

Panel 3: Oh brother. Or...should...I...say..."oh...broth...er". This ellipsis thing has got to cease.

Panel 4: ??? Shannon says "Man"? And "saved my sanity"? Where's she get that from? And is April already on board with this, or is she just humoring Shannon?


And Shannon's only wearing one sock. Jeez, how is she ever going to be able to live on her own if she can't even dress herself properly?