April 5th, 2006

Thursday, April 6

"An'"s: Two.

Panel 1: I wonder who she did hear that from. Duncan? Gerald? Eva herself? Or someone they asked to join, who turned them down?

I also see that Becky is still wearing her uniform skirt giggishly short. And who is at the end of the row of lockers -- the Black Knight from Holy Grail?

Panel 2: Oh, of course this is a horrible thing to say. Wrong for Becky to say she's moving up, even though the band members admitted that they're has-beens or even never-weres. Smugly closed eyes are only okay if you're a Patterson or Patterson associate.

Panel 3: Ack! I can only assume that Becky is flashing her cooter at April (unwittingly or not)! April seems to be accepting the CD, so what's she gonna do with it -- drop it in the road in front of a truck?

Panel 4: Ooh, evil evil evil ambition!

Panel 5: It looks like both those young (and I use the term loosely) women are offering Becky their homework to copy. Really, although I wouldn't say that a sycophant is a true friend, I wouldn't say that someone who calls you roadside behind your back is either.

ETA: D'OH! I didn't see Shannon in the distance! Gah! Let's all brace ourselves for another round of "Becky's mean, isn't she?...Well, don't worry, because I, the pathetic human plot device, think you're a goddess! Let's hug, then walk away together with matching strides!"