April 4th, 2006

Wednesday, April 5

Panel 1: So everyone concurs: Eva will save the band. Not like we have to see anything like, her comparing what songs she knows with which songs the band knows, finding her key, pinpointing a singing style for her, or even adjusting the mike so she's sure to be heard over the instruments. No, just "Hurrah, Eva can sing!"

Crimeny. It's like someone said on Crown Princess a few days ago: if we saw Liz staggering drunk in Spruce Narrows, insisting she was okay to drive home (and assuming she had a car), then weaving all over the road in a strip that ended with a "CRACK!" and bug-eyes in the rearview mirror, never fear, because the very next strip would have her lurching into her apartment slurring, "Gee, I'm glad I made it home shafe!"

Panel 2: Oh, okay: HERE'S the tension. Can they find a keyboard player? Do they have to find a keyboard player? And how will the band name be affected? You know, really pressing issues like that. Beatles again: They had a guy DIE on them, and they just kept it to four members afterwards. (Okay, strictly speaking, Sutcliffe had already left the band when he died, but they didn't replace him, is the point.)

Panel 3: Hm. April's face is hidden. (And I refuse to believe that her hair stays so tight in that beehive if she's really getting down.) Duncan looks adamant, like from now on, whatever it takes to keep Eva in the band, otherwise they can do without HIM. Eva looks sultry, and appears to be making, or trying to make, eye contact with April, while Gerald looks sullen, as if he hates the idea simply because it's not his.

Panel 4: Cosmetics pun in 5...4...3...

Panel 5: Hey, Lynn, I thought you didn't want to make pop-culture references that were sure to become outdated. And it looks as if love is about to blossom between the two POC.