April 2nd, 2006

Monday, April 3

Panel 1: OMGWTFBBQ?! We're actually following up on something! The band! (I'm assuming the "thud" is from Gerald's drum kit, not April's guitar.)

Panel 2: Well, some of the notes are bent, so that means they're off, but hey, keep at it!

Panel 3: Or not. I guess the stars had a negative connotation too. Still, Propeller-Head gives up too easily. And Duncan...I hate to say it, but he looks like Stepin Fetchit.

Panel 4: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's ALL BECKY'S FAULT. Congratulations, April: you now have an excuse for everything. Bad grades? Becky's fault. Your acne? That's Becky too. When Butterscotch dies? Damn that Becky!

Except someone is about to disagree. Can it be...

Panel 5: Crap. Not Eva appearing in the doorway. Nice, Gerald, very nice. You and April deserve each other.

April retcons

ARGH! I HATE it that I always have to work the day the retcons go up! You guys' comments are so good, it's almost pointless for me to post anything. But I know I'll regret it if I don't, so here goes.

Elly: If I did need a workplace fix, I'd just call the girls at Lilliputs. It's wonderful to know that even though I'm about to move on, I'm still going to be considered part of the furniture.

Oh, they're gonna looooooove that.

(I'm starting to look like a fridge, actually, so I'll be doing more active stuff!)

Ha, ha, ha.

She's met a lot of new people this year, and while we're comfortable with Duncan and Gerald (to an extent!)

Okay, I can understand Gerald, since he was a later addition to the strip, plus there was the whole Smoochgate thing. But why would she be distrustful of Duncan? April has known him since either kindergarten or grade 1, for cryin' out loud!

And Elly, the world changed between the time you and LIZ were teenagers. The world is ALWAYS changing. Accept the fact that you cannot control EVERYTHING.

John: It seems when we are young, and establishing ourselves, the family is just one more ingredient in the chaos. Once you are over 40...you appreciate the small things in life, like kids, and their small changes, and the miracles that make them each so special and individual.

Great. I'm sure Mike and Liz would love to hear that all they were to you was a noise in your ear.

And what is all this jazz about "Liz will not stay up north because no one ever does"? What's his source on this? Why does he sound as if he's making Liz's decision for her, when he hasn't given a damn what she does since April was born?

Liz And another thing I don't get is how it's so wonderful to be teased. Teased how and about what, I wonder? Do they make beeping sounds when she backs up to indicate that her ass is big? Did she get the dribble glass at the dinner table? Perhaps it's just me, but I honestly don't understand how being the butt of jokes is supposed to make someone feel welcome. It would make ME feel on the spot.

It's always interesting to see how people live; it's a good personality indicator, among other things...I find that having a mental image allows me to miss him less. I don't know how it works, but it does!

You know, Liz often sounds like a Judy Blume character in these letters. I'm not ragging on Ms. Blume, exactly: she's a good, efficient writer, tells a story expertly, gets her point across without resorting to ANVILs, and creates realistic characters. But her characters are often realistic in that they're so...average. And when I was a kid, while I was avidly reading every one of her books, I was also rolling my eyes at insights such as "It's funny how you can get to know people so fast when you're together a lot" [Forever] or "It's important to be tall in basketball. You're that much closer to the basket" [Then Again, Maybe I Won't]. And Liz is the same way. The simplest concepts take a long time to sink in with her, and when they do, it's like she discovered the double helix.

After he leaves, I look around at the signs that he's been here

Like what? A used condom in the trash? Brown splatters in the toilet? Or does HE leave HIS sunglasses every time, so he'll always have a reason to come back?

April: Kid, people avoid you and your friends because you take up the whole sidewalk. I do evasive action myself on gaggles of teenagers, because I'm tired of them expecting ME to excuse MYself.

Ugh...I just remembered I have to get an essay done by Wednesday. I already have the outline ready, though, so I've done all the hardcore thinking.

Are you gonna lend this one to Becky, too?

anything I don't understand I can ask Liz about, and she'll explain it a couple of different ways until I get it.

What stream are you in, anyway? Are you REALLY so much smarter than Shannon? I notice, BTW, that she doesn't even get a mention.

Mike Everyone else has mostly said it already, and I.T.A. I will say, though, that I don't get this "over 20" thing. It was the same last summer with cousin Laura. Since when is 20 a milestone? It's halfway through college, or a four-year hitch in the military. It's above voting age and below drinking age. It. Means. Nothing. "Twenty-something" I can understand, but "over 20" is ridiculous.

And since when is "factoids" the opposite of "frivolity"?

Despite the elevated locale, we rejoiced as we greeted familiar friends and faces who trickled into the Brigadier Ballroom on the 4th floor of the Royal Huronia.

What does he mean, "elevated"? High altitude or high-priced? If it's the latter, why would people who are SO. DAMN. OLD. be intimidated by a fancy hotel? If it's the former, I bet you got REALLY loaded. So loaded, in fact, that you and WeedJo don't remember a thing. Nope, not a thing. And I second whoever said that his talk about whatsisname is sensual in a way his talk about Deanna has NEVER been.

Speaking of which, WHY "ditch the spouses"? I went to Cookie Monster's high school reunion, and he went to my college's Alumni Weekend. We both had a great time at both events; in fact, we were each EAGER to introduce the other to our old pals. This "can't have a wild trip down memory lane with the old battleax by your side" mentality is right out of the 1950s.

Deanna: Chocolate, cleaning, Kelpfroths. Translation: I have no life.

Oldsters: Whatever.

Pets: Liz has been growing some pot


s of cat grass for Shiimsa.

Oh. Phooey.