March 31st, 2006

Saturday, April 1

Panel 1: Aw, darn!

Iris is getting HUGE! She fills up the whole doorway! And I'm so sure Mike will see them "soon". The twelfth of never.

Panel 2: And Jim has shrunk. And you can see Iris is just waiting for everyone to leave so she can rip Jim a new one for eating CAKE! Incidentally, don't you hate it when that happens: one person or party leaves, and that's the signal for everyone to abandon ship?

Panel 3: Oh, man, he must be getting out of it if he has to ask...

Panel 4: What the heck is in front of his left leg? A tentacle from a demonic flesh-eating roach creature?

Panel 5: Okay, Lynnions, no more Jim stories. I implore you.

Sunday, April 2

Panel 1: Ah, an April strip. Are Duncan and Eva a couple now? Why does Eva suddenly have white hair? Are the black-haired girl and the guy in the red cap part of her group, and if so, why does the girl look like she's been tased?

Panel 2: So that girl is with them. What a feral mouth she has. Is the woman behind them grumpy because they're being loud? The couple in front of them remind me a bit of Gord an' Tracey from high school days.

Panel 3: Oh, it's a sixsome. Who ARE those other two people? I thought poor Apes didn't have any friends? And on the marquee, we see more proof that only crude, mindless films are being made nowadays.

Where is this going, for potato's sake?

Panel 4: What is Gerald so excited about? For that matter, why does everyone look like they're dancing?

Panel 5: Eva seems to have disappeared. Maybe she's in the powder room, dyeing her hair back to its natural color.

Panel 6: Oh, it's her birthday! Well, cool; it was never acknowledged in the strip last year. And I wonder, how late is late, and who's driving? Some parent must be, unless Eva or one of the never-before-seen people is licensed. Anyway, April has a cell, right? Situations like this are often the deciding factor for parents who otherwise would never let their kid have a phone.

Panel 7: Yes, Elly; April is taking her first hit off the crack pipe right now.

Panel 8: Well, you should have given her a definite time to be home. She's not a mindreader, after all: if you only said "late night", that can be interpreted all kinds of ways.

Panel 9: OMG, she's drunk as a skunk! Ha, April Fool's, Elly!

Panel 10: Apes, when someone is a Vader silhouette, of course they're angry.

Panel 11: Awwww, isn't that nice. You get to worry AND have the trouble of having kids at the house! All's well that ends well. Blaugh. Cut the cord already.