March 30th, 2006

Friday, March 31

Panel 1: WHAT?! Meredith is three and a half years old! First of all, I've never even heard of her getting music lessons. Second of all, though it is possible to start schooling a child in, usually piano (since it's one of the few instruments that just sits there and all you have to do is hit the keys), I think you can't start measuring talent until the kid gets past the basics. WTF did she do, pound out the Close Encounters theme on her toy xylophone? Gah! I know Mike thinks his kids are wonderful, but I didn't know Deanna had the SuperKid bug. "Ooh, he drew the grass at the bottom of the picture and the sun at the TOP! That means he'll be an artist!" And anyway, April didn't ASK about Merrie, FFS! Where is this coming from all of a sudden?

Meanwhile, there's Robin being ignored again.

Panel 2: Oh, I get it: this is a Random Snippets of Conversation strip. Mike is pretending to give a shit about John's car, Merrie is speaking in full sentences but forgot a "please", and apparently eats cake by sticking her face right in it, and Deanna's Other Child is not nearly as intelligent as his illustrious older sister.

Panel 3: And the supposed guest of honor is gathering dust.

Panel 4: Later on? You mean he's going to have a later on? Oh, come on...!

Panel 5: Amen, old man. A-men. (April looks a bit distressed, though. Maybe this is it after all?)