March 26th, 2006

Monday, March 27

Panel 1: OMG! Michael managed to haul his ass out of the attic TWICE in one WEEK?! Forget the medal; he deserves to be canonized! I love the one candle, too. How old is Gramps, anyway*? It IS a job to get dozens of candles lit, of course, but it's also fun to try. Anyway, I bet we're in for some jazz about looking forward to a birthday vs. dreading it, or only being as old as you feel, or mileage on the odometer, or...

Panel 2: Grampa says "Whoo"? And check out Iris, carefully dissecting the cake so she can make sure Jim's slice is no thicker than a tissue.

Panel 3: COOKIES?! Well, we know what'll happen to those. And who wants to bet that no one in Mtig ever wears anything remotely resembling those moccasins: that they're some tourist junk the Noble Natives convinced Liz they had healing powers or some such.

Panels 4-5: Well, that's a pleasant surprise. Relief, more like. But I'd feel more reassured if those balloons in the background were not black. And if Iris was not doing the Vader Loom.

*This reminds me of a line from "The Boys in the Band", which takes place at one guy's 29th birthday party, and at a time when turning 30 was supposed to be sooooo UNcool. "How many candles did you say to put on [the cake] -- eighty?"

ETA: I totally forgot -- did anyone see the Ojibwe (sic) shoutout on the Sopranos tonight?