March 24th, 2006

Saturday, March 25

Panel 1: Well, at least it's not going to be a big huggy between Elly and John about how April still needs them and they dread the day when she'll fly solo, or some horse dookey like that.

Anyway, you could fool me, Elly. All I've ever seen you do on vacation is gripe, and now we find out you did the same stuff you could have done at home. Are you raising your arms like that to get into your nightgown, or just out of sheer joy? And what kind of noise is "Mmmhh"? I bet it's not a sound John hears very often.

Panel 2: ...alone, of course.

Panel 3: Oh, so she's not alone! Well, heck, for all Elly cares about John's responses, all her talk might as well be a monologue. His only function is to supply the pun. And did Elly suddenly sprout a zit next to her navet nose?

Panel 4: That's actually a well-drawn panel, for once. Elly doesn't look sixty, and she has nice boobs (don't know where they came from). She looks like a character in what used to be called a Gothic novel, back when Goth meant "woman in peril in a Victorian house". If there's any theme to this otherwise completely. pointless. week of strips, it's the possible continuation of Something Ominous in the House.

Panel 5: And now she looks like a shrew again, with more awkward neck/shoulder configuration. No, John (who almost appears to be smirking) was not listening; he learned to tune you out years ago. Not really sure what the joke is here, unless it's that John likes his own bed just as Elly does, to the point where he falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow. Haw...haw.