March 22nd, 2006

Thursday, March 23

Well, I don't know what happened to the front page layout. Good while it lasted, eh?

BDBs: Deanna appears to have a bit of junk in the trunk in panels 1 and 3, and Michelle has a perfect teardrop in 3.

Panel 1: Dang, no travelogue! Mike seems to have timed his return just right; the tax deductions are already in bed. (Merrie's head actually looks like the rear end of a shi tzu hiding under the blanket.)

Panel 2: So I guess this is an exposition strip. Well, at least we know now the bookstore sale is a done deal. I wonder, though, why it took a protracted car ride for Mike to learn this. And Deanna looks like a cake topper.

Panel 3: ??? In Mexico, they did this?

Panel 4: Crimeny, another FOOB understatement. That WAS work. And Mike, who are you to talk? Deanna looks a bit shaken by the idea that some people don't even stop with the attic escape: they go on vacation just to ignore each other more!