March 21st, 2006

Wednesday, March 22

Panel 1: Yay Mike! Really, I have never heard of anyone picking a family member up at the airport. He is a saint!

Also, I don't know about the Toronto airport, but where I'm at, the airport has shuttles. Whose drivers are notorious for baiting and switching, of course, but I'm fairly certain that they're still cheaper than a cab. Are cabs the only option in Toronto?

Panel 2: Now what the heck kind of perspective is that? Does the car have a cathedral ceiling? And why is John's mouth a tilde? Maybe he's feeling as ill as I am at Elly's implication that they don't deserve to have their genius son drive them home. And as far as interrupting his evening, I wonder how Mike does regard this: as a huge sacrifice of attic time, or a splendid opportunity to put even more distance between himself and his wife an' kids?

Panel 3: I see where this is going, but I would feel a lot more empathy for Mike if I didn't know what his idea of "busy" is.

Panel 4: See, I don't know quite how to read this. It could be hyperbole, like he's trying so hard to reassure Elly that he really did want to see them. OTOH, he also tells Deanna that he "enjoys" seeing her parents, and we know in that case, he'd rather dive headfirst into his own vomit. Either way, I can't really sympathize.

Panel 5: Sucks, doesn't it, Mike. Having people not listen to you.