March 20th, 2006

Tuesday, March 21

Panel 1: The colorists have got it wrong once again. John's hair is greenish-blond, not the same brown as Mike's. I don't believe they've ever looked so much alike, either; it was a good idea to have John say his son's name, so we could tell them apart. "You look like you had a great holiday"...and I'm sure we're about to hear alllllll about it.

Panel 2: Oh, jeez. This will end with John commenting on how mature and responsible Mike is, and it only took twelve million years to happen. Why is Elly lurking in the background, looking like John in drag?

Panels 3-4: :headdesk: If ever this strip had throwaway panels...And I don't know about y'all, but I've about had it with the word "amazing". ETA: And as qnjones points out, how is it amazing, anyway? As far as we know, Mike has never put a toe out of line. There was nothing for him to overcome: no discipline or academic problems at school, no "bad" crowd to be pulled out of, no problems with alcohol or drugs (which he's probably never even touched), no pregnancy scare with any of his girlfriends, not even a detour into long hair-heavy-metal-listening-smoking-and-despair. The absolutely worst thing he ever did was let Gordon back Elly's car out of the garage, and that wasn't even him; he just went along with it. Oh, and he also got lost on the freeway coming back from dropping Liz and Dawn off at ice skating. Which I never thought he deserved to be punished for; everyone makes mistakes when they're new at driving, and that particular mistake didn't damage the car or get the cops involved.

So yeah, a kid who stayed firmly in the middle of the road grew up to be a conservative adult. The mind boggles.