March 18th, 2006

Sunday, March 19

BDBs: One, in panel 7.

Panel 1: So LJ patterned the lettering! Looks good; wonder if it means anything. Also wonder, based on April's fearful peep out the window, if she's still paranoid about the DFER.

Panel 2: April! Don't whistle; that's music! And that can lead you back to the band, and then you'll start developing ambition again! And don't thrust your pelvis forward; that is so roadside! Then again, the jacket makes you look like you have a gut, so I guess it balances out.

Panel 3: Sigh. The old, old story. Mom says do the sensible thing; kid says I don't need to...and mom ends up being right.

Panel 4: You know, I must be getting old, but I can't help thinking, "April, people might be more inclined to treat you like a grownup if you'd ACT like a grownup."

Panel 5: I think Elly's very awkward stance is a reaction to the umbrella's phallic appearance. She's skeeved out by handing anything that's longer than it is wide.

Panel 6: Another black thought cloud. And is she wearing jeans? On a school day? I don't remember the uniform including blue pants.

Panel 7: Do we REALLY need that horrible perspective to highlight April's giant caboose? And what are those kids at the bus stop doing? Do I even WANT to know?

Panel 8: Is April overseeing a chain gang all of a sudden, thumping that thing into her palm? And is that Becky at the end of the row?

Panel 9: Okay, ha ha, but why do they all look dismayed?