March 17th, 2006

Saturday, March 18

"An'"s: Three, if you count the last one in panel 2, which might be April just trailing off.

Panel 1: I see puffs of smoke behind April's head. Her panic ebbing away, or is her junk food binge catching up with her? Anyway, I still would like to know how Connie just happened to see the lights on.

Panel 2: Her facial expression and long rambling explanation are so similar to how she was after John pulled her out of the river when she was four. Is April forever to be the helpless, hapless child needing to be rescued? Well, except when the permanently infantilized Shannon is even more needy.

Panel 3: I guess she is. Gah! WHY can't she, just once, pull herself together and say, "It's cool; I'm okay, thanks for checking on me but I don't need anything."?! And how about, "Jeez, Connie, you scared the crap out of me!!!"

Panel 4: Whatever. That's another thing I hate: the FOOB device of "Sometimes a bad thing is a good thing" or "Sometimes a good thing is a bad thing". Undermining strengths and highlighting weaknesses: that's our Lynn.

Guess that's all for now, and we can brace ourselves for the Mexico travelogue.