March 16th, 2006

Friday, March 17

Happy St. Pat's, everyone!

Panel 1: Oh for...So no followup on the last panel? No indication whether it's a dream sequence OR an overactive imagination? This is not Jump Start, where visual shorthand has long been established. It's not 9 Chickweed or Fox Trot, known for dream sequences. Showing an actual DFER and then carrying on as if nothing happened is so far out of character for this strip, I have to assume that this sequence is being done round-robin style, one panel to a Lynnion and pass it along.

Anyway, I bet Connie sees the lights and either calls or goes over, thus busting April as Too Young To Stay Alone.

Panel 2: Zheesh. She looks like the kid from "The Ring". But is she suuuuuurrrrrrre that that's the dogs? Ooh, this is so scaaaaaary!

Panel 3: Forced perspective on a very Elly-looking April. Now THAT'S scary.

Panels 4-5: :::headdesk:::

But didn't April turn the lights on only like sixty seconds ago? Was Connie sitting at the window with binoculars the whole time? And wouldn't it have been more prudent to call first?