March 13th, 2006

Tuesday, March 14

BDBs: One, in panel 2.

Panel 1: Okay, according to her eyes, she's freaked. Guess we called it.

Panel 2: Which, of course, means she can't.

Panel 3: Her face looks really different here! And for the record, what usually freaked me out in situations like this was the silence. Deep...unbroken...ominous...silence. Random house noises served me better by reassuring me that I was still in the real world, not someplace from the mind of Lovecraft or Steven King.

Panel 4: I have never been able to open only one eye like that. And her nose is interesting: a ski jump rather than a navet.

Panel 5: And the Teeth of Terror. Is that someone coming in the front door? Like Connie, checking on her? And why doesn't she wear her hair down all the time?!?

So to sum up, we were right, and we're getting lame, Luannesque proof that April Is Not As Capable As She Thinks She Is. Jeez. Wish it could really BE an intruder, because as I've said earlier, at least that would be interesting and unpredictable!