March 12th, 2006

Monday, March 13

Okay, so I'm reduced to reading the main FOOB site. Which may not be such a bad thing, actually; no f'ed up colorization. I get the strip on the Yahoo! site because it updates early, NOT because I'm like "Ooh, colors!"

"An'"s" One.

Panel 1: Ah the old "junk food is a balanced diet" gag. And I will give props to LJ for being creative, as always, with her fake brand names. However, April better watch it with that starch and sugar; her thighs are meaty enough as it is. And for that matter, I wouldn't have thought there'd be so much junk food in the house; I thought John an' Elly were eating super-healthy, 'cause they're so old an' all. And what the heck are "nippy-nutz"? Are they the reason Liz and Officer Morsel haven't done the deed yet?

Panel 2: My god, is her butt really that big, or is it just the way her leg is?

Panel 3: Well, "allowed" is one thing...

Panel 4: ...and I guess the payoff is going to be that she "stupidly" stays up late watching a scary movie, then can't sleep afterwards, and misses the bus in the morning. Thus (allegedly) proving that she's not as mature and responsible as she thinks she is, and really does need a "babysitter".