March 11th, 2006

Sunday, March 12

Argh! Yahoo! comics STILL has not updated! And the comments I read on Crown Princess really made me jones to see this one! Cookie Monster brought me the dead tree version at the same time uComics updated, though, so here I go.

Panel 1: Oh, how thoughtful of Mike. Wonder how he manages to squeeze that forty-foot butt between the rows.

Panel 2: Is that a subtle reminder that their romantic/sexual life has deteriorated to the point where they no longer even hold hands? She does look rather agitated.

Panel 3: Zheesh, another giant butt.

Panel 4: And Mike is clearly hating this. Poor baby.

Panel 5: Now those are some good legs. Not quite McEldowney-worthy, but a good rendering nonetheless. Those costumes look like the skaters are detonating, though.

Panel 6: "Chenille Foisgras"? Fransh, eh? And what the heck is an acrobatic skater? Or is that a comment on her individual style, rather than her skill set?

Panel 7: Okay, that's ridiculous, that the youngest would be on last. Unless the program had to be reordered because something went wrong. But otherwise, the shortest attention spans go first. And isn't Merrie just a bit young, even for a Canadian, to be performing? Even if they're just skating in a straight line to show how adorable their costumes are, I never heard of anyone learning to skate before the age of four. I would have thought the balance and motor skills wouldn't be up to it. ETA: I stand corrected, then.

Panel 8: Jeez, they look absolutely manic.

Panel 9: Okay, first of all, BITE ME, MIKE. Second of all, what a narrow field of vision. I can't believe that every one of these spectators is solely interested in what their kid does and that's it. When I was in orchestra, my mom always made sure to tell all of us that we'd done well, not just me, and when I was on the crew for high school productions, she complimented the performers. Also, she thanked the adults in charge, who so often get snubbed. Anyway, Mike's parents have been to plenty of his stupid things; he's not making the sacrifice of all time.