March 9th, 2006

Friday, March 10

Panel 1: Okay, some people have been saying, here and elsewhere, that April shouldn't be taking her resentment out on Connie. And I thought, "Well, I don't see where she has been doing that. Seems like she grinned and bore it until she was out of sight of the house, then started sulking and grumbling." But now it appears I was wrong, and I don't like that look on her face.

Panel 2: In other words, yes. And it looks like what someone said yesterday was right: black knee-high galoshes over white socks.

Panel 3: Well, that's reassuring. But I have a feeling that she'll negate that in a moment by reminding Apes to wash behind her ears or something. Also, isn't it a bit early for dinner?

Panel 4: Aha! Toss her a compliment about being mature; good call! Still, I wonder why Connie, who is really not that close with Elly any more, agreed to this if she thinks April doesn't need looking after. Or is she just saying that? Probably the latter.

Panel 5: Ha...ha. But what is that in the foreground -- did Connie make a cake with rosettes? That would be going a bit far.

ETA: And another thing, not to put a halo on myself, but when I was in the reverse of this situation (staying with someone else) I welcomed the chance to talk to an adult other than my mom. April has never been shown as uncommunicative (to put it mildly) and she didn't seem resentful about being shipped off to The Farm last summer, so I wonder why LJ is going this route now?