March 8th, 2006

Thursday, March 9

Panel 1: Okay, we're definitely having it shoved down our throats that April Is Impossible. In fact, judging by the way the girl in the next desk is looking at her, it appears we're getting a retread of a strip from when Liz was in grade school. She scowled through the whole day, not talking to anyone, while others gave her sidewise looks, and when she was finally entirely alone, she thought, "See, I was right...Nobody likes me!" The old self-fulfilling prophecy, in other words. And that's what I bet will happen here: April will stew about how badly her life sucks until she realizes she's driven everyone else away.

That said, I do have to wonder how long she'll be sitting on a tack. As I've said, I'm sympathetic, but she's had half the day to find something else to focus on.

Panel 2: Ooh, black thought cloud! But I could do without the upskirt shot.

Panel 3: Yep, worst artist. Really, who can't draw better legs than that? Someone needs a seminar with Brooke McEldowney.

Panel 4: Gadzeeks! Not only does she have awful hair, she suffers from the same temporary dwarfism as Susan Dokis! And why does she keep switching between white and black socks?

Panel 5: And there you have it, folks. And more odd phrasing, as well. "Sit with me on the bus" is the accepted phrasing, as in "sit next to me while we are riding the bus". "Sit on the bus with me" implies that she's sitting on the bus, as in on top of it. Which would be an amusing visual. Certainly more amusing than this sequence.