March 3rd, 2006

Saturday, March 4

Before I start, thank you all, belatedly, for the birthday wishes! I will now call your attention to the fact that today is the only day of the year that is a command. (Sticky-outy tongue!)

Panel 1: Whoo! She talks! So what are we doing here -- just revisiting Liz's first impressions so we get it that she's made incredible progress in a year and a half of teaching in what seems to be a nearly unique school? (And who else is seeing the invisible thought balloon: "But not as good as me"?)

Panel 2: Oh, here it comes. Not for close-minded, uptight, intolerant by-the-book people, of course.

Panel 3: Gee, I wonder what Jesse's about to do.

Panel 4: "...which I am not."

Panel 5: Yeah, right. You KNOW from the look on Jesse's face that HE knows there will be no repercussions. How about telling him what an uncool thing that is to do to a new person, for instance? Or how foolhardy it is with someone in a position of (quasi)authority? Oh but wait: We've been told numerous times that one has to have a thick skin and an offbeat sense of humor to survive in Mtig. So if Susan can't take a jooooooke, not to mention what's probably supposed to be a welcoming gesture to "one of the gang", she might as well pack it up.