February 18th, 2006

Sunday, February 19

Panel 1: What th-- That's MIKE! We actually get to see Portrait Magazine's offices?!

Panel 2: Oh, tee hee. Mike has to deal with people who aren't super-organized workaholics like he is. Really, it would be unprofessional NOT TO take advantage of a five-minute warning in order to get your stuff together.

Panel 3: So it's going to be all about jargon, and the irony that the publisher of a national(?) magazine can't use words as effectively as Superboy Patterson.

Panels 4-7: Someone else wanna play Spot the Cliche/Oxymoron? I have a cake in the oven.

Panel 8: Well, I'll be!

Panel 9: ...Yep, that's what they were doing too. Well, all right; this was mildly amusing! Of course, Lynn/the Lynnions had to rip off Scott Adams* for it, but at least it wasn't another installment of Look How Wonderful Mike Is.

*And by rip off, I mean blatant imitation. The Dilbert drones are insubordinate in ways no real employee could be and remain an employee for long, but that's okay because Dilbert is a touch surrealistic. This doesn't really belong in "the most realistic comic strip ever". But at this point, we're so burnt out on Zits An' Vacuuming, I for one, can live with it.