February 17th, 2006

Saturday, February 18

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: You will notice John does not mention the tiny train sanctuary house that he will graciously allow Elly to live in with him.

Panel 2: Another one of John's cognitive disconnects. Why would he be worried about her handling the technology? And what the heck is on the back of Elly's shirt? Did she abruptly get so thin her spine is visible?

Panel 3: Well, yeah! Shoot, forget goatse; if April wants to give Elly a fatal heart attack, all she has to show her is that naked train site! But why do they keep saying "information"? Why not "images", for heaven's sake?

Panel 4: Oh brother. Repetition #924 of "The world has changed since we were young and it's scaaaaaaaaary." All in all, as was pointed out earlier, a long, convoluted journey from point A to point A.


I'm wondering, though, about these "good choices" April supposedly makes, as a result of her perfect upbringing. When Becky asked to copy April's report, did she make a good choice? Did she make a good choice when Gerald yanked her away from the apparently plague-ridden Shannon? Not to say that either of those cases makes April a horrible person, BUT, they're not the examples I would give if asked for evidence of her making Good Choices.