February 15th, 2006

Thursday, February 16


Panel 1: Okay, so we're back to the eeeeeeeevil internet. Who wants to bet April will have some fast and snappy answers to simultaneously put John at ease and make him feel olllllllllllld (more so than he already does, that is)?

Panel 2: That's an odd way to phrase it. How would April know what's meant by "all those sites"? At any rate, good defense from her. "I'm high on life, dad!" Seriously, though, if she wanted to, she'd MAKE time.

Panel 3: Now, what does she mean by "gross stuff"? Rotten.com? (DO NOT CHECK OUT ROTTEN.COM UNLESS YOU HAVE A *VERY* STRONG STOMACH AND CAN BLOCK OUT UNPLEASANT THOUGHTS AND IMAGES EASILY!) Porn? Slashfic? Heck, in the FOOBiverse, "gross stuff" could just as easily mean ratemypoo.com. (DITTO ABOVE)

Panel 4-5: Ooh, you guys called it! John is wanking to Choo-Choo Cuties!

Actually, that reminds me of a bit from Red Green (another product of Canada, incidentally!). The town has just gotten internet access, and at the lodge meeting, Harold (geek co-host) informs the other members, "Yes, I'm aware that there's a lot of offensive and suggestive stuff on the internet...and for a small fee, I'll show you how to find it."