February 14th, 2006

Wednesday, February 15

Panel 1: For a second, I thought John suddenly sprouted a mustache. And April has no face at all. Did it freeze off? Meanwhile, how often do you see first-panel dialogue that's a direct response to the last panel of the previous strip? Beyond that, though, why does John call April's mother "Elly" instead of "Mom" or "your mother"? And does "retire on" include college tuition for April?

Panel 2: Wow, more retcon confirmation! The Little House With a Yard For John's Trains! Funny thing, though; I can hardly see the period, so at first I thought he was saying "That little house I've always loved. That little house over there!" like some early-20th century poet.

Panel 3: No comment, except that April is suddenly the same height as when she was 10, or even younger.

Panel 4: Except room for April, of course.

Panel 5: Oh, silly me; it's ELLY who almost gets forgotten. But does that mean April wasn't including Elly when she said "you"? Or maybe she did; maybe she meant "Would Mom be okay with it?" and that reminded John that he's married to Elly, not April*.

*Yes, we've discussed this earlier. Rest assured, I am not reading any lust into John's attitude towards April. However, I still think he places her WAY above Elly in his priorities, and that grates on me. I mean, look how they're leaning towards each other in panel 4, like they're newlyweds contemplating buying their first house.