February 13th, 2006

Tuesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Panel 1: John seems rather taken aback! And April sounds like she has more to say on the subject.

Panel 2: ...Well, I'll be. Someone IN THE STRIP is actually pointing out how capricious Elly is being! As for John retiring, I forget if April would know about that, but it has been mentioned, so okay.

Panel 3: Changed your tune there, haven't you, John. A week ago, you were telling Elly she'd be bored to death within six months. Now you're all "It's a magical world; let's go exploring." You show such different faces to April and to Elly.

Panel 4: Way to turn it around on him, April! Hopefully you've avoided a "We worry about you, so get used to the tower we're going to lock you up in" speech.