February 11th, 2006

Sunday, February 12

Panel 1: Good grief, April is BAKING badly drawn butts! Also, am I seeing things, or does she have a beehive hairdo?

Panel 2: Aw, now that's nice!...Wonder how much cranky rudeness we'll be subjected to. Also, that's a cool apron.

Panel 3: Jim looks like he can barely see, Iris looks like an elderly Shannon, April is a total speed freak, and Elly looks eerily like John.

Panel 4: Oh, man. Are we getting into that stage where the elderly relative has to be told everything repeatedly, including the names of his family members?

Panel 5: Again with the tea. Why is Elly just Vadering in the background?

Panel 6: Oh, nag nag nag. No wonder he's such a grump. If I were him, I'd just grab a handful and cram it in my mouth.

Panel 7: Yeah, man! Elly looks disapproving: big surprise.

Panel 8: So there!

Panel 9: Oh, jeez, April! Resist the sticky-outy tongue! Fight your upbringing and your genes! And Elly looks so much like John, it's scary.