February 9th, 2006

Friday, February 10

Panel 1: "BEAUTIFUL"?!?!

I just gotta ask: Does Lynn KNOW what she's doing with John's inappropriate words to and thoughts about April, or does she honestly think this is a healthy relationship?

Meanwhile, I bet April is cybering with Gerald.

Panel 2: Oh, I've been there. The posture that says "Maybe if I lie quietly, he'll sniff me once or twice and move on." Except...John sniffing April...No, just...no.

Panel 3: Now where the heck does that come from? Is How Far You're Going a frequent topic of discussion between them? I would assume so, otherwise, defending one's virtue apropos of nothing usually inspires more meddling, instead of discouraging it.

Panel 4: And will this be a standalone strip, or will it lead to April being hauled off to the gyno for just-in-case pills? ETA: And although this is Recycled Gag #846, it hasn't aged well. Teenaged Mike telling Elly or teenaged Liz telling John "I won't do anything you didn't do" was relevant, because it applied strictly to dating situations. But April is presumably talking about the net, so what exactly does John on the net that would be inappropriate for April? Does he cyber with Moira? And if she's talking about off-net stuff, then as I said above, it's a huge leap of logic.

At any rate, it's not scrapbooking. Still, I'm not sure which is worse: staying on one topic for three weeks to no purpose, or jumping around between subjects to no purpose.