February 6th, 2006

Tuesday, February 7

Panel 1: Well, color me amazed! The Martian gets to know what's going on!

Panel 2: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't have Elly go back to school! For the love of GOD! Meanwhile, dig that crazy hep talk from Apes!

Panel 3: Another Is It Mike or Is It Elly shot. (ETA: Or Liz!) And those sure are some ambitious plans. However, I recall a time when Elly was involved with the theater guild. Back in the '80s, I think it was, when she was, as I said earlier, Ms. Committee. And as I also said earlier, a prime target for a Woman's Place is Pregnant in the Kitchen, Bare Feet Optional, smackdown.

Panel 4: Why do they keep giving April insight way too advanced for her age? Notice the "judging" posture, with her chin on her fist. Furthermore, I don't get Elly's answer. If she's tired, why does she want to take on so much?