February 4th, 2006

Sunday, February 5

Panel 1: Ah, a Liz strip! Very likely a charming, inconsequential, Paul-free strip! I simply don't understand the logic behind sidelining the character whose life is most in flux right now, and instead creating artificial conflict for characters who are settled.

Anyway, jeez, what does she have, the Black Plague?

Panel 2: FOOB animals are always terrified by noise. Liz's left eye looks green, but perhaps that's a colorist error.

Panel 3: Yeah, that is one of the drawbacks of village life: everyone has their own job with no backup. Still, the way she goes on about the community pitch-in spirit, one would think she could give her lesson plan to Aunt Marg or somebody and have her take over for the day...

Panel 4: Yeesh! I feel guilty now for thinking "I'm freezing!" while walking to the bus stop this evening, when I'm in California and it's 50 degrees.

Panel 5: Oh, I get it. Everyone else in town is sick too, so she'll get to stay home. Or will she be a martyr and teach to those two kids? At any rate, lucky her that she didn't have to travel far to the school.

Panel 6, 7, 8: Right the first time. Jeez, her nose is dripping!

Panel 9: Well, that is kind of cool! ETA: And let's see what we can glean from this view of Liz's house, apartment, half-house or whatever it is. A moose painting, a scratching post for Shiimsa, more Native art over the TV, plants, and a '70s-style sectional sofa. She's got it goin' on. I wish she'd accept that, instead of hauling all her worldly possessions back to Milborough every summer.