February 1st, 2006

Thursday, February 2

Okay, I finally got the letters read and commented on! Before I start critiquing Thursday's strip, though, I wanna respond to betheliz. Yes, you're right: Moira and Bea are way out of line talking to Elly that way. IN THEORY. In practice, though, I'm just so glad someone in the strip has finally said what we've all been saying that I don't CARE about employee/owner protocol.

Panel 1: I wonder, is that a deadpan "Really?". Nice visual with the exterior of the store and a kid pointing at the window display, so we get a sense of how much Lilliput's (presumably) means to the community.

Panel 2: Yeah, Moira, but it's not FUN for Elly any more. That's what matters, right? I also like the line of descending ornaments, with Elly's head last of all.

Panel 3: Wasn't the store already a landmark? I never got the impression that Lily sucked as an owner/manager. And Mira seems to be silently saying "ShuddUP!" Perhaps her earlier protest was just for form's sake, and she's really thinking, "Yes -- YES! Just a few more formalities and we're rid of the latte-swilling beast!"

Panel 4: Sigh. I could understand that...if it was at all consistent with what we SEE Elly do in the strip.