January 27th, 2006

Saturday, January 28

Panel 1: Okay, so I guess this is one of the things about work that gets Elly down. How dare anyone be "just looking". And she probably thinks their tone and facial expressions were an insult as well. Look how eagerly she bobs her head forward, just waiting to dispense some authentic Patterson Advice!

(BTW: Teddy Bear Show and Sale! Sounds cute!)

Panel 2: Yep, I was right. That woman grunted at her! How rude!

Panel 3: Ye gods! The force of the slamming door blew Elly's mouth off her face and made her nose swell up to three times its normal size! Not to mention the deflating boobs again!

To be fair, though, there's a used bookstore in my community, which I frequent a lot, which has a very lightweight door with a rather loose glass pane. I think it took at least three instances of closing it with what I THOUGHT was reasonable force, only to cringe at the rattling and go back in and apologize, until I learned to just guide it back into place.

Panel 4: Yeah, but shouldn't you have learned that a long time ago now?

Panel 5: Moira looks even more like Shannon. And isn't that phone book thing supposed to be impossible? ETA: Elly bit or tore or in some way took out her frustrations on the phone book. But I'm still not clear on PRECISELY what happened. It is, I've been told, physically impossible to tear a phone book in half if it's more than, say, 100 pages, and making a dent that size with one bite is completely out of the question. So either Elly took a series of bites, or pulled and yanked at the book until it looked like it does now, in which case she needs serious psych help, OR, Lynn expects us to believe that she really did cause that kind of damage with one action, in which case she should remember that this is not Jump Start and her characters are still subject to the laws of physics.