January 26th, 2006

Friday, January 27

Panel 1: OMG! A Bea sighting! Looking at her eyes, though, I'm wondering if perhaps she's less than impressed with Elly's apology. I also wonder why Elly appears to be running with a box. Unless a very careless artist just didn't bother to put both her feet on the floor.

Beyond that, this is an interesting speech. It's more like the kind of excuse an employee would give to the boss. Does Elly sense that power has shifted from her to Moira (whose face we don't see yet, as if she's waiting to give judgment)?

Panel 2: Elly is so consumed with guilt, she doesn't register Bea's brutal honesty, nor Moira's "whatever" body language. Bea might as well be saying, "We don't need you at all," and Moira doesn't bother to reassure her at all. And was Bea's hair that dark when she was hired? I didn't know about the color comics then.

Panel 3: Spoke too soon. Or maybe not: perhaps Moira is trying to prod Elly into admitting that she's burnt out. At least Elly's being honest with herself; that could be the first step.

Panel 4: "Working so hard"? Pardon me while I have a cataleptic fit. Moira looks like Shannon. Is she envisioning Elly on a rokit to Mars?

Panel 5: Oh, crud. I was all set to be genuinely awed at a strip with genuine, no-BS plot development. Instead, it becomes just more misdirection. Deanna lets Mike off the hook for ignoring his family because she had to side against Mira, and now Moira is giving Elly an excuse to keep taking up space at the bookstore. Of course, there's the teeniest chance that she's going to suggest that Elly get a lot more sleep, like all day, but probably not.