January 22nd, 2006

Sunday, January 22

Panel 1: Oh great, another Wacky Pets Sunday strip.

Not much to say, except those are some classic Elly faces. And I guess that last panel is supposed to have a double meaning, like April realizes she'll have to think twice about pulling anything, because Elly will know. Also, that'a a VERY odd angle on April in the penultimate panel. And enough with the propeller hair!

Monday, January 23

Panel 1: Is this Liz or Elly?

Truth to tell, I love the alpha state too. I even have a Zen alarm clock, so I can wake up by degrees.

Panel 2: Okay, closer inspection reveals a navet nose. Must be Elly. Wonder how long this mellow mood will last, though? Something's sure to yank her out of it: a Martian teenager, a barking dog...

Panel 3: ...or a loud husband? Odd to see John in the frame with Elly's thought balloon wafting in from another room, as if he's hearing it. And that toothpaste tube is completely flat!

Panel 4: Oh, ha ha, I get it. She's incorporating John's actions into her peaceful fantasy.

Panel 5: Well, it's not a knee-slapper, but what FOOB strip is these days? At least it's not a pun, or a "No one has any class except the Pattersons" observation.