January 18th, 2006

Thursday, January 19

Panel 1: Wow. When you can't see his features, Mike looks positively masculine. And I love Deanna's anti-sex pajamas. And see? This whole thing was a platform for the "Mira Is Evil! Must Kill Mira!" campaign. The Kelpfroths are incidental.

Panel 2: Now Mike has shrunk and become a zombie. Deanna looks crazed. And yeah, I'm not sure that was supposed to be out of character. But maybe this is another way of going through The Change. Instead of an arm-flapping martyr, Mira becomes (more) shrill and (more) aggressive.

Panel 3: Mike is totally cowering. And he has a very dainty nose for a Patterson. And how would Deanna be able to answer that question? I get the impression that she doesn't talk to her dad much, and when/if she does, the last thing they'd discuss would be Mira.

Panel 4: Ha, ha. So we're supposed to conclude that that's what any reasonable person would do. Too bad John doesn't have a hearing aid. But he has his train workshop, so that's enough. Anyway, I guess the Sobinskis are from the old school, where couples stay together until one of them dies or snaps.