January 17th, 2006

Wednesday, January 18

Panel 1: Okay, so Mira's evilness is further highlighted by Merrie's questioning of her actions. And Deanna gets to spin the event: "Your dad's taking care of it." Funny how she says "your dad" instead of "dad" or "daddy".

Panel 2: Oh, no, think of the CHILDREN! And why does Merrie have one eye bigger than the other?

Panel 3: Well, all right! Deanna's being proactive for once! Though I suppose it's too much to hope that the noise problem will ever be addressed by any civilized adults. And hey, Mira and Wilf have matching coats too!

Panel 4: Wh--Is Mike actually complimenting his wife to her face?

Panel 5: Yeah! The mama bear's cubs are threatened! Still, this would be more impressive if we hadn't seen the exact same finish to a Sobinski visit last fall, after Robin's birth.

I guess it's official. The Kelpfroth/noise problem is simply a hook to hang story arcs on. If it ever got resolved, it would be like having Charlie Brown kick the football.