January 12th, 2006

Friday, January 13

Be advised: I'm posting this before having read anyone else's comments, so please forgive any redundancy.

Panel 1: Huh? What kind of authority does Merrie have over Robin? Are the gender roles instilled so early in Patterson households that a three-year-old is her younger brother's de facto babysitter? Anyway, I thought it was okay for Merrie to play with cookware. But I guess it's okay since she's a girl, and she'd better familiarize herself with that stuff as early as possible?

Panel 2: Oh great: the Kelpfroths again. Sic Mira on them! Have her be good for something!

Panel 3: Man, it's like somebody said yesterday. Whatever Mira complains about, Deanna is suddenly okay with, no matter how much she hated it before. And why do Patterson children always hang around when their younger siblings are being changed?

Panel 4: That's right, roll the eyes. Don't roll your eyes at your incredibly mature, hallway-dividing husband. And is Merrie standing on the bed, or did she suddenly get tall?

Panel 5: No, wait, it's Deanna who's had the growth spurt! She's taller than the doorway! Another unnecessary punchline-prompt, and one that doesn't ring true coming from a three-year-old. And of course Mike was allowed up to the attic in the previous strip, away from the complexities of relationships and neighbor discord.